Pep up the band, the crowd, and the spirit with genuine American-made Kazoobie Kazoos.  Get kazoos in your school colors.  Step it up a notch to the Kazoobie Wazoogle with the Wazoo horn and Bugle Bell and really make some noise.  Or blow the roof off of the stadium with the Kazoobie KaZobo - 10 inches of awesome - the biggest, loudest kazoo in the world.

Kazoobie Kazoos

Kazoobie Kazoos are available in 14 bright colors that you can mix and match up to your school team colors.

Our kazoos are made in the USA and are unbreakable and waterproof. 


With their loud and resonant tone  your kazoo pep band may be louded than the marching band.

Campus organizations may purchase larger quantities to use as a fundraisers.

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Kazoobie Kazoos in 14 Colors


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Kazoobie KaZobos

Kazoobie KaZobos are the biggest, loudest kazoos in the world.  Ten inches long with a double resonator, the Kazoobie KaZobo is sure to blast out your music across the stadium.  Available in five bright colors.


Unlike vuvuzela's (stadium horns), the Kazoobie KaZobo is played by humming allowing you and your band to play music rather than just make noise.  Imagine the possibilities - fight songs, sing-alongs, a real performance.

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Kazoobie KaZobo

Kazoobie KaZobos in 5 colors

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Kazoobie Wazoogles

Kazoobie Wazoogles are enhanced with our patented Wazoo Horn and Bugle Bell. This makes your kazoo louder and more colorful.  Order your Wazoogle in custom colors to match your school team colors.

Create your own pep band and be the stars of the show.

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Kazoobie Wazoogle


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